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Teianna Re-AL

As an author, community advocate and facilitator, TeiannaRe-AL Cooper is a recognized speaker of healing, truth, and wisdom. TeiannaRe-AL Cooper is a poetry slam mentor and writers workshop facilitator; however, she is notably known for blending a smooth sound and sultry voice to deliver a hardcore and real message. As an artist, she has self-published a number of works including two books,  two poetry LP’s, and earned BMI writers credits as a songwriter on several songs with a diverse array of artists. 

 Facebook: Teianna Re-AL Cooper  

 Instagram: @TeiannaRe-AL 

 Website: www.teiannare-al.com 

Sheri Purpose Hall

Sheri Purpose Hall is a spoken word artist, author, radio personality, educator, and minister who uses her work to provide perspective and engage conversational empathy. She has Four books: a book of poetry, epistles, and essays titled “Black Girl Shattered”(2017); two poetry chapbooks “Mélange du Femme Noir” (2019) and “Chosen for Both” (2015); and a workbook/workshop “Writing Wrongs: Writing to Heal” (2016) which won an award from Bike for the Brain, a non-profit organization that works to reduce mental health stigma.

She is the founder of Arsyn Spit Fire, East of Red ArtHouse, and PenFire Publishing; Executive Director of Poetry for Personal Power; and provides consulting and assistance for many other non-profit, community-based, and arts organizations.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Purposespoken

Goddess Warrior The Poet

Goddess Warrior The Poet Is an International Spoken Word Artist born and raised on Chicago’s Westside. She began performing spoken word poetry in 2012 after enduring the tragic loss of both parents. Since beginning her career almost a decade ago she has gone on to win multiple awards including the 2021 Chicago Music Awards for Best Spoken Word Artist of the year and 2021 National Spoken Word Awards Best Female Poet and Best Slam Poet. She is a full-time single mother, published author, CEO of Words Of A Warrior Productions, Advocate for Domestic Violence and Gun Violence. Goddess Warrior has made appearences on television, radio shows, iHeartRadio, magazines, and a plethora of other out-of-state features.

Facebook: Goddess Warrior The Poet

Instagram: @goddesswarriorthepoet

Snapchat: gwthepoet

TikTok: gwthepoet

Andre Carbonell (Hakeem Furious)

Andre Carbonell, better known as Hakeem Furious, is an international performance artist/writer, facilitating artist and community organizer. His work started in 2012, immediately after graduating from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and becoming a member of Black on Black Rhyme, a community organization that contracts poets/writers for events and programming throughout the south.

He spent 4 years in Tallahassee, Florida attending Florida A&M University and performing at universities across the state (FSU, UF, EDWC, etc), teaching workshops in the local schools, and organizing community events centered around education, innovation, and liberation. He migrated to his birthplace Denver to grow his business and learning in 2016, where he launched his #TheUltraTerrestrialTour brand, working as an independent contractor to different grassroots organizations and nonprofits.

A.S. Rommel

A.S. Rommel is a new-to-performing poet, originally from Maryland, whose poetry focuses on being relatable and making people feel seen and worthy of loving themselves. Through poetry, A. S. Rommel has been able to make connections with people who have gone through domestic violence, sexual assault and issues similar, and continues to write to spread awareness in how important healing your physical and mental health is, after various traumas. Outside of poetry, and despite being recently diagnosed with Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome, A. S. Rommel is a Certified Medication Aide, who has been working the entire duration of COVID. She prefers to dedicate her life to helping others and making a difference; she believes even the smallest things can make a big impact.

Facebook: Anni Rommel

Instagram: @_annziety

Adrienne Draper

Adrienne Draper is an author, poet, educator and mother of four from St. Louis, Missouri. She received her bachelor’s degree in Public Communication from Missouri Baptist University, her Masters in Creative Writing at Lindenwood University and her Teaching Artist Certificate from the Teaching Artist Institute at the Regional Arts Commission. She is the author of six published books.

Facebook: Adrienne Robinson Draper

Instagram: @sewaneegal

Website: adriennedraper.com

Walter Kyle

Walter Kyle is an author, veteran, poet and father. Served time in both Afghanistan and Iraq which is also where his first poem was written.
Walter has two kids and is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. His interest is helping people and writing.

Instagram: @siimmpplle


jochanaan is a multi-instrumentalist who has played music with Stratus Chamber Orchestra, the Coyote Poets of the Universe, and Art Compost & The Word Mechanics. Currently he performs regularly with poets at Denver’s legendary Mercury Cafe. A long-time Colorado resident, jochanaan loves both mountains and plains, and never tires of exploring the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Facebook: John Rasmussen (jochanaan)

Angela Nicole

Angela Nicole is a writer/performer born and raised in Denver Colorado. She has been performing actively since 2006. Alongside her guerrilla poetry street team, she promoted Women Of The World Poetry Slam in 2012 and Nationals in 2017. Angela Nicole continues to work with youth in the greater Denver community.

E-mail: Angelanicole303@gmail.com


Tiara “Mysterious” Ford fell in love with performing spoken word poetry in February 2007. Since then, she has performed on multiple stages across the country, interviewed and featured on radio stations, podcasts, and open mics,

as well as released two poetry books “Completely Blessed” and “Completely Poetic: A Birth Defect”, as well as a fiction novel entitled “Talented & Complete.” Mysterious continues to increase her portfolio as an author, performer, and lover of poetry through her purpose of spreading a message of resilience and survival creatively.

Find her published work at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more. Tap into Kansas City to see her live.


John “Hypocrace” Lewis “your favorite poets, favorite poet” has been in the poetry community for 10 years. He is the current slam master of “The Regulators” and the host of “I am Hypocrace presents: Third Thursdays” which pays artist for slams and cyphers. He is a crowd favorite at the “Soul Sessions” open mic held on Mondays at the KC Juke House. His hard work and love for the craft doesn’t go unnoticed as he was nominated in the Kansas City Poetry Awards for both Poet of the Year as well as Best Slam Poet 2018. Hypocrace is eager to learn more and further build his brand ˈpoʊətri.

Find him on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, and more as John “Hypocrace” Lewis.

JQ Guest

JQuory”JQ” Guest is a “bigger than music” type of artist. For over a decade he has used hip hop music and spoken word poetry to inspire the youth of the next generation, to speak for the outcast and the oppressed as well as motive & inspire the believers.

This 25 year old father of two from Kansas has been crowned as the best hip hop artist in the region by Hot 103 Jamz radio station and has been a finalist in 3 national slam poetry competitions. He has dedicated his life to using the gifts that God has blessed him with to bring change to communities worldwide! Facebook: JQ Guest

Instagram: @jqguest

YouTube: YungJQTV.